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Fourth month:

March 9th, 2001 (11 pounds 10 ounces/1 feet, 10.5 inches) March 9th, 2001, of course that I can smile! March 10th, 2001, me and my mummy (first time in jeans)
March 10th, 2001, me and my daddy March 15th, 2001, smile again March 15th, 2001, I can also be serious
April 1st, 2001, always happy April 1st, 2001 April 1st, 2001
April 5th, 2001, Who woke me?! April 5th, 2001, with my aunt. April 6th, 2001, photo for passport.
April 8th, 2001, on a visit April 8th, 2001.

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