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Siventh month:

Me and my mummy spend entire month of June on the seaside in Novigrad in Istria, Croatia. All of the pictures, that follow are taken there.
June 10th, 2001, (16 pounds, 6 ounces/2 feet, 2 inches). June 10th, 2001, we are both happy. June 10th, 2001, my proud daddy.
June 16th, 2001, I am very good with spinach. June 16th, 2001. June 17th, 2001, and also with banana.
June 25th, 2001, my big foot. June 25th, 2001, I am so biiiiiiiiiiiiiig... June 25th, 2001, ... and happppppppppppppppy.
June 27th, 2001, me, mummy and sea. June 27th, 2001. June 27th, 2001, with my dad.
June 27th, 2001, it is tasty. June 27th, 2001, oh, this sea air... 1. Julij 2001, my feet.
July 1st, 2001. July 1st, 2001, I'm almost walking.

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