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My second year

13th to 18th month:

January 11th, 2002, Pon-Pon. January 11th, 2002, my mouse. January 12th, 2002, going to school?
January 27th, 2002. February 15th, 2002, with my mummy. February 15th, 2002, give me your nose.
February 15th, 2002, smileeeeeeee. February 15th, 2002, my daddy. February 23rd, 2002, I am playing with my Pon-Pon.
February 23rd, 2002, why are you taking pictures of me?! February 23rd, 2002, I'll hide. March 21st, 2002, poseing.
April 7th, 2002, driving push-cart. April 7th, 2002. April 10th, 2002, group photo.
April 21st, 2002, Oh, how funny. April 21st, 2002, still sleepy. May 5th, 2002, Serious and ...
May 5th, 2002, ...little less serious look. May 17th, 2002, my breakfast. May 17th, 2002, I'm soooo clean around my mouth...
May 17th, 2002,... that I rather hide! May 19th, 2002, my Winnie the Pooh and La-La.

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