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December 28th, 2002, portret. December 28th, 2002, family portret. December 28th, 2002, with daddy.
January 1st, 2003, Early in the morning on the new years day. January 1st, 2003, new hairdo. February 9th, 2003, My iglu.
February 9th, 2003, snowball anybody? February 14th, 2003, new hat. February 14th, 2003.
February 16th, 2003, olive on my finger for breakfast and dinner. February 26th, 2003, last time with pacifier. April 5th, 2003, ready for bike.
April 20th, 2003, let's go to the mountains. May 2nd, 2003, on a trip. May 2nd, 2003.
May 31st, 2003, in the car trunk. June 7th, 2003, olives on my fingers for breakfast. June 7th, 2003.

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